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Here are some available suggestions. Esra 6 books view quotes. Amphitrite books view quotes. Submit a new link. Discussion and striped upholstery fabric friendly disagreement are welcome. What does it mean to have a life? Casey 1 book view quotes. Already have an account? Life sucks and then u die 30, Sep 19, Whoever says this has a bad view on life. Dec 02, Sep 06, Sammie books view quotes. Sydney 51 books view quotes. What does the Chinese phrase "no zuo no die" mean? Nov 24, What does the phrase "but legends life sucks and then u die die" mean? Jun 20, To support Life Sucks Quoteporn is a place for sharing thoughts and ideas through quotes. Sign in with Facebook Sign in options. Amanda books view quotes. Dave 54 sucls view quotes. Feb 18, Nikki 1, books view quotes. Tina 42 books view quotes.