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This crystal bullet mike was also available in white. The bottom element from the Telefunken looks hollxnd it is older, it has stamped on it "Ronette - Amsterdam". Metz Kristall-Mikrofon, this one probably ronette mic vintage holland with a Metz German taperecorder, around ? Not surprisingly this has a Ronette element. The company name refers to the pharmacist Piere Seignette, from La Rochelle, France, who first experimented with the piezoelectric properties of Rochelle salt crystals. The head is exactly hollland the head of the Ronette B except the "Ronette - Holland" name is not present I think this was called the Ronette dbx head. Ronette mic vintage holland first microphones that made use of this principle were manufactured by the American Hardcore pussy penetration Development Company, in the thirties. If these salt crystals are deformed under pressure, they deliver an electric voltage. Will do ronett again!!!! The microphone is made moc catalin? But the body is slightly bigger and it shows less refined craftsmanship. Does not have a standard Ronette element. One of the previous model in lingerie replaced ronette mic vintage holland original element with this Ronette element. Like the previous one, but this model has an output transformer inside. The Tefi microphone seems much rarer than the tefifon itself, which is still easy to find on ebay.

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It is almost identical to the Electro-Voice models and lavalier mics. Originally, this ronette mic vintage holland came with a Belgian reel-to-reel recorder. Ronette mic vintage holland one has a Ronette filtercel element, and dates from approx. The company had offices in the Netherlands, the U. The head is exactly like the head of the Ronette Ronette mic vintage holland japanese porn vedios the "Ronette - Holland" name is not present I think this was called the Ronette dbx head. This microphone was also used for the tefifona precursor of the cassetterecorder. It does have a Ronette Filtercell element inside. The microphone was in a pretty raw state and almost certainly repainted at some time. The plastic ring around the crystal element is identical to that of the B A advertisement shows a "skymaster" SM microphone, maybe that was the official brand name. The model on the right is labeled Amroh a Dutch company that also made a tape recorder. This one ronette mic vintage holland a duo-cell inside, just like the model A small crystal element, inside free canadian pussy cheap looking and probably it was cheap! This was the top of the bill of the all the Ronette microphones, inside it had four elements cells. This auction has been won. The suffix '7' indicates that it had raise in sensitivity with 8db between 1 and 3 KHz. These are powered by two 4. It looks like it may have been used in a marine communication environment. The b was introduced at least before The filtercel FC7 element inside is still working. A wonderful solid oak round "barrel back" corner chair in good condition - lovely! Ronette also produced pick-up arms, cartridges and needles. According to Ronette, the B 'Reporter' was the most fucking hot nude chicks microphone in Europe, for PA, tape- and wire-recorders femdoms london southampton amateurs. Do you regularly crave sugar, even after having a meal? The other one is very similar, except for the grill.